MARLY: International boutique consultancy with headquarters in Rishikesh, India 


Marly provides bespoke consulting services and communication design solutions. Our 
agency is intentionally kept independent and small, and according to the scale of your project, we involve a trusted network of skilled professionals.


Committed to promoting excellence and clarity, Marly not only has the drive to help increasing distinctiveness of your business, but has also the multicultural background 
required to interpret your needs and convey your message appropriately across cultures, borders and industries.


If you are in the process of founding a business or have already done so and intend to freshen up your existing identity or would like to launch new services or products, read on.


APPROACH: strategic + intuitive, structured + resourceful, conscious + pragmatic, local + cross-cultural, aesthetically refined + surprising


Marly’s core values are integrity and clarity. We believe that the best solutions come
from awareness and true partnerships, so we encourage clients to become involved in all phases of a project – from inception to implementation.


Although change can be daunting at times, we strive to make it a positive and inspiring experience. We listens to you in order to understand your business, objectives and culture. 

We appreciate design is not just decoration, but a key component of professional and rewarding business management. 

Experience proves that a sustainable company or product image cannot be created without deeper awareness, which means it is essential to recognise its context and true spirit in terms of values, philosophy and intentions.





German born Marina spent more than 20 years abroad, living and working in London, Milan, Zurich, Dubai, Delhi as well as in Hamburg and Munich. As yogini and energy practitioner, she has a holistic approach to the entire design process, bringing clarity, common sense and integrative consciousness to the table.



  • Design Director at two global branding agencies of the WPP Group in Germany and
    the United Arab Emirates.

  • Her career began in London, where she worked at renowned owner-run (independent) design consultancies.

  • Cross-cultural perspective: Marina has led the creative output for corporate identity and branding programmes in the UK, US, Italy, Norway, Germany, India and across the EMEA region including Romania, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates. 

  • Projects for multinationals as well as small and medium-sized businesses. Sectors include: architecture, arts, automotive, consumer goods, finance, foods, hospitality, luxury goods, leisure & travel, media, publishing, real estate, telecommunication, wellness and non-profit. 

  • Dipl. Communication Design (MA) from the University of Applied Arts & Sciences, Hamburg / Germany. 

  • Marina lives with her family in the Himalayan foothills and speaks German, English and Italian. (Hindi is still in progress.)

We need silence and space to perceive what is essential. 


You cannot not communicate. What you're doing, or not, consciously, or not, sends a 

message. Everything in your organisation is a potential customer touchpoint that provides a memorable brand experience – pleasant, or not.

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